Intel Australia

Vivid 2014 Digital Forest

Intel Australia

Digital Forest

To deliver an interactive product display area at Vivid Sydney 2014, that showcased the inner workings of devices that were powered by Intel chips.

Stemming from the fact that many technology devices are actually powered by Intel processors, The Creative Shop conceptualised a living wall concept that aimed at demonstrating that Intel chips help to bring to life each device. Scattered across a 6×3 metre wall, were various Intel powered and touch enabled tablets, which gave visitors to Vivid an opportunity to interact and to win prizes. The mechanic for participation was a fun and interactive visual game, whereby hundreds of brightly coloured butterflies flew across the wall space viewable only through the Intel device. Scattered between the greens, pinks, oranges and yellows were a select number of Intel Blue Ulysses Butterflies. If a user could identify and touch the appropriate device whilst the Intel Butterfly was on display, they were successful in winning an instant prize. The Digital Forest activation was a huge hit with attendees, achieving over 2 Million interactions over the 18 days of Vivid.